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The Past: Dragging It Along

Updated: May 30, 2021

Everyone has a past.

There are probably things you have done or things that have happened to you that you consider failures or mistakes.

Today’s a new day, you need to let your history go. Decide to believe that you did your best at that time with what you knew - - and when you know better you can get better.

Know in your heart that all of these past experiences have been “lessons learned”.

Give yourself a clean slate – so you can launch your comeback.

Imagine the negative issues from the past being written on the "blackboard" for your life. Now you can go up to the blackboard and erase parts of experiences or whole sections and just leave it blank or write over those stories with a fresh perspective of what you learned, who you have become as a result of those experiences and maybe even dream a little about what you want next.

Only Love will get you there !

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