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Self Love for Your Inner Child

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

I can get onboard with a Narcissist about only one point and that is Self Love!

Self Love is a tricky concept it leads us to think that our ego is stepping out too far, or the mirror is too close, a hair is out of place, a blemish on our skin, focus on the shape of our eyes or the dark circles under our eyes but that's not all that you are - you are the soul inside.

That child that wants to express herself or himself with sincerity and love and laughter but a veil of lies is keeping the real YOU from escaping. You are not the sum total of your experiences you are the divine child of God struggling to grasp how profound your life might be if you could love yourself no matter what path you have taken in your life to get to where you are right now.

We think the choices we make define who we are but in fact they are just the "earth school" courses we have taken to mold us and teach us the lessons we came into this beautiful incarnation to experience and learn.

I think of life as a movie - a grand adventure movie perfectly set up to teach me the concepts I came to learn in this life. There is a cast of characters, some major characters (husband, child, mother), some are just either supporting characters (coworker, childhood classmate) or extra's/bit players for that particular day (waitress, courier, bus driver) that come in for a few scene's then disappear once their segment is completed.

All of us signed up for the movie but the main character dosen't realize they have walked into the film. That main character which is you has wandered in looking for the bathroom and is drawn into the drama the romance the laughter and the tears of the story but they are unaware of what the script says and they just keep asking "where's the bathroom".

If we stop looking for the place we think we need to be in the movie then we can concentrate on the story line, the life lessons as they unfold and eventually catch on to what is going on around us if we stop, listen and be willing to play along with what the other characters and doing. It's a version of improve or sometime's it's America's Home Video's.

The great thing about this movie is it is meant to show you what a beautiful soul you are and that you came into this lifetime to learn to love yourself and experience love even choosing love for all of the parts of your life that are struggling to work out for your highest good. Choosing only love is your way out and through all of the drama's going on around you and gratitude is the expression of that love that you pour back into the movie as it's major investor. The life that you live is the love that you give.

If you have the time and enough personal strength I recommend taking 5 minutes a day to look at yourself in the mirror. Not at your hair or the shape of your face but really look into your eyes for that full 5 min. This is not an exercise for the faint of heart you will be surprised how long 5 minutes can seem to just stop and look at something. Work you way up if you are a bit shy maybe the first day you start with 30 seconds but look into those beautiful eyes and try to think of nothing else.

The objective of this experiment is to look deep enough that you are able to see your soul that struggling sweet inner child that you have always been, honour her/him and see if you can find compassion for the bravery it took to steady the course of your life.

See in this mirror that child who grew up, survived all of the drama of a life being lived and realized she just wants you to love her, she wants you to be on her side. Be determined to help her through no matter what and maybe when you are able to pass by that mirror some other day you will be able to notice her to say "hello sweetheart you know I love you, right? well I do and it's going to be OK"

True love is what you see in those beautiful eyes and you eventually learn - I love Me!

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