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Prayer and Hit the Easy Button from Staples

My friend was very worried about his brother and could not seem to get everyone in the family to realize that his life was at risk. He finally stopped and said I can't think of what else to do.

I've learned that we think backward in times like this in our lives. We fall into the trap of believing WE solve the issues in our lives that our opinions matter most and things should fall into place according to our decisions, wants and wishes but this is just out ego talking on our shoulder.

Our ego is trying to get it's way making grand plans with us at the centre of the universe wearing spandex leotards with a big S emblem on the front like Superman but that S actually stands for Stup-T-fied.

By Stup-T-fied I'm suggesting we have been lulled into believing that most issues in life require us to resolve them through our great plans and efforts.

In fact we need to hit pause and go to our greatest source of data and solutions which is God or the Universe or whatever cosmic big brain name you believe is guiding life for we humans - it's time for prayer.

A few years ago I purchased an Easy Button at the Staples store because it was a cute gimmick and made me laugh. A few days later at the office my project manager came in with a problem he needed me to resolve and neither of us knew what to do and I hit the button to break the tension because the problem senior management wanted us to resolve seems circular and unresolvable. The interesting thing is the button worked! Yes, within a day of investigating we found a loophole that resolved the issue with a minimal of risk and effort, just a few phone calls, emails and bending one rule that everyone said could not be broken but the greater good was at stake so everyone ignored the rule and it worked.

I think God is like that easy button we should start with a prayer and be willing to follow what our gut tells or if you like to think of it "the whispers from our soul" which is what I believe it to be.

When we hand things over at the start there is room for inspiration, hope creeps into the heart, it liberates our brains to think outside of the box and our soul feels part of a bigger team completely dedicated to "move heaven and earth" for us. How could our ego's not be satisfied with that plan?

In conclusion hit your metaphorical Easy Button. Smile and hang on for a great ride. It also doesn't hurt if your prayer includes I choose only love for a solution for this issue and thanks, most appreciated.

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