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Pick Your Team

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Take a look around you in your life and notice the people you have surrounding and supporting you in your life.

They will fall into a few different categories some are immediate family, extended family, close friends, work friends, social groups and associations. Perhaps you have a mentor an author or a celebrity you admire.

What you need to do is draw a line down the page and state who will stand for you (no matter what) on the right side of that line. Next, who (well intentioned as they may be), will be out in left field. The gang in left field care about you but they don’t get you.

They aren’t quite sure what you're doing in your life and why you just don’t get with their program. Drop them from your list. Not from your life – but from you list of cheerleaders and supporters.

They have their own lives to live and need to stay out of your affairs. So don’t look to the gang in left field to cheer you on, or be your coach or be there for you during late night phone calls or those doubtful times you need to soul search about what direction to go in. They can’t be involved because they are too consumed with their own needs. Give them a break and yourself as well.

Now look at that team on the right side of the line – do you have a coach, an advisor, a lover, and a trailblazer? Each of these roles will be important to you as you move forward and if there are gaps in your team – then look for a new person to fill that role.

There are on-line chat groups for all kinds of hobbies, there are mentoring groups online, within church groups, book clubs, associations. Tell all of right side friends you need another person to join the team to fill the role that is empty and perhaps they will have a person in their team to loan you for a while.

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