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Kick Stress Out with an Emotional Reno

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

This post is the introduction to a book created where you can use simple ideas as tools to uncover potential sources of your stress and with this new information you can combat some of the causes.

Knowledge of what pushes your buttons and why can help you to determine a path to stop these previous patterns.

We will suggest lifestyle decisions that may have created obstacles to having peace in your world. Perhaps some of the suggestions will show you a different path that appeals to you.

In taking this new view you may make different choices. The choice is always yours to make and we wish you wisdom and patient love for yourself as you move through this transformation.

This blog is filled with interesting perspectives and funny suggestions to help you look at your world through a new looking glass.

We hope you find understanding in this information and a new awareness so you can celebrate the magic of who you are.


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