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Zig Zag Questions

Young woman suffer split emotions into f
My emotions seem to be running me and I'm feeling angry with myself?

Many of us have faced disappointments or criticisms from people we care about and the only way out of these emotions is to examine them and determine if they are really valid or do we just admit that was me then and now that I know better, I'm capable of doing better. Forgiveness is a good start and Love begins to grow in your heart.

I'm just really confused and need to sort my life out but how do I get started?

With a few questions we can determine where you are and then begin to prioritize what you want to achieve and where to begin. The path may seem confusing but you will know yourself and what  best steps you can take to move forward and feel safe again.

Image 2020-10-15 at 1.20 PM.jpeg
Image 2020-10-15 at 1.20 PM.jpeg
My religious beliefs are strong and I need to know you believe in God to help me?

Absolutely, I understand and respect the fact that many people can call God by different names but all those names mean the source of all things. If you have faith life should be much easier and it's the foundation built into my work.

How can I find time to meet with you when my life is already so crazy busy?

Your likely a working Mom or a Dad with work and life getting out of control and going in many directions at the same time, I hear you. We will work around your schedules and remember taking time for yourself is giving to those you love and support. Let's chat soon.

Image 2020-10-15 at 1.21 PM.jpeg
Image 2020-10-15 at 1.22 PM.jpeg
I want to get on a Spiritual Path so I can meditate and feel more peaceful?

Your souls journey should be one of peace and joy. Finding the right balance of time and knowing the information and teachings of the masters will support your core and inspire your spirit to come alive.

Can you help with getting a job or figuring out how to improve my current job?

I’ve dealt with recruiters, employers, resume’s, interviews and been both employee and contractor for over 22 years. It’s a tough and new “post COVID world” but I have tips and skills to improve your odds.

Do you work with struggling teenagers with anger or self esteem issues?

Yes, I've worked with high school and college level young adults to help them find ways to establish a stronger identity and understand what make them vulnerable to their emotions and strengthen their skills. Learning about GenX, dealing with parents, sleeplessness, friends, isolation, learning disabilities and coping with siblings.

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