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I thought in my early years if I could just take one more course, read one more book, study with some of the best teachers in world, be like person A, or know what person B knows then I could feel whole and my uncertainty would disappear and I'd finally find my path.   That didn't work but . . .


I'm here to tell you I did find that path and it was a rough ride with quite a few pot holes but it was the best time I ever could have wished for myself and I'm so glad I did take the road less travelled.


I've read the books taken the courses and studied the best ideas with the best spiritual and motivational trainers like Mel Robbins, Course in Miracles, Brene Brown, Gary Zukov, Tibetan Buddhism, Rachel Hollis, Tony Robbins, Abraham-Hicks Teachings, NLP Inner Child, Ed Mylett, Mark Victor Hansen,  Jack Canfield, NLP Level II, Mark McCormick's Harvard Business School, Harvey Mackay for Swimming With the Sharks, Steven Covey for 7 Habits, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Tony Beshara , Phil McGraw, Richard Bolles.


I'm honest and straightforward and I really do care to do the best for everyone I connect with and most importantly, to do this in a loving way.

Here are some of the things I've learned along the way and what I have to offer is unique for your souls journey back to your heart and bring you deeply back into the satisfaction your life was meant to be.

Heather Ann Moore


Law of Attraction

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