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A Spiritual Coach Can Help You With

Personalized divine guidance that will help you create a clearer connection to God.

Release self limiting beliefs.

Help you attract abundance and grace back into your life.


Walk the path, love yourself along this journey and choose Love always!


spiritual and transformation life coaching


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Love collectively touches the world, prayers and vibrations are absorbed into humanity and their reverberation is sending love. Love starts with you...


If each person understands what love really is without condition or stipulation, and true love happens even when it isn't easy, then you understand everything is built on love. 


Heather has a way of seeing things I couldn't see for myself and intuitively assisted me in clearing old behaviors that were limiting my spiritual growth.


She has a vast knowledge of connecting to your higher self, guides, angels and God.

Jessica M.


Being able to discuss any topic with Heather where I didn’t feel judged for what I was thinking or feeling was a liberating experience.  

This acceptance helped me to understand that my life is a journey, ever evolving and

I'm not alone.

Vivien T.


When I was taught the NLP tips on how people think and they're motivations it worked beautifully to understand my bosses, difficult co-workers and it made work much easier.

The fact that it also worked to deal with my kids, husband, brother, sister, friends and strangers was icing on the cake

Joanne G.


My father was diagnosed with cancer.  During this moment of shock, I was expected

to take charge.  


Heather gave me practical solutions to navigate many obstacles with ease.


  Her guidance helped me to transition my earth level thinking with compassion on a soul level..

Stacey M. 


I’m a scientist observing the universe through the lens of the “no coincidences” rule.  What catches your attention, or seems like an anomaly, is not “just a coincidence” but rather a message for you from the spiritual poking through into everyday awareness.  Heather is expert at helping understand: “what did I really see”,  “what does it mean”, and “why did I see it”?  Expect profound answers.

Steve F.

Law of Attraction

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